Dear Greatly Appreciated Friends & Customers:

It has come to my attention  (via several ways)  that there are a group of individuals upset concerning the closing of the gym & the details pertaining to it.   Sadly, it has also  come to my attention that some have ill feelings & distrust with me.  I am still quite upset myself with the unforeseen outcome of the gym however it has always been my intention for Totally Fit to be a place of good will and friendship and in keeping with that spirit I will address your questions & will share all the facts in order to put all the misinformation and  uncomfortableness behind us.  Please feel free to come forward and we can pick a time and a place to meet and address your concerns.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Many Blessings,



Dear Loyal Members,

Totally Fit Fitness is currently going through a transition.   Please accept apologies  for any inconvenience it may cause you.  I am diligently working to obtain several options for everyone to continue their fitness routine during this time.   Please continue to check the web site for these options.

After much consideration and research and meeting with many owners of gyms, the two best opportunities for our displaced members are:

Ultimate Gym  Hicksville, NY,  Owner Dr. Joseph Galletti 516-937-37440

Octane Fitness, Old Bethpage, NY  Owners  Analee & Maggie  516-586-8681

Both facilities offer similar atmospheres and equivalent pricing.

Thank you for your patience & understanding, it was a pleasure knowing you all.


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